Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

In Jerald's squad car
Girls at Grandmother Joys

Dinner at Covino's

G-mamma, Ashlyn, and Abbie

Abbie eating sweet potatoes

This year Mother's Day was just perfect. We celebrated a little early at Jerald's grandparents Thursday night. It was nice to see the family and the kids had a blast as usual. Plus it was nice to see Ashlyn during the week since we usually only get to see her every other weekend. Grand-mamma (Jerald's grandma) cooked a wonderful dinner, and we spent several hours out there catching up. Caden played on the tractor. G-mamma pushed the girls around in the stroller. Ashlyn rode her scooter around outside in the drive. While G-mamma was pushing the girls in the stroller, Abbie was in the front and Maddie in the back. G-mamma told Maddie she was the "backseat driver" That baby got so tickled! Now anytime you say "backseat driver" she thinks its just hilarious. Gosh these girls really are growing into little people. They were a little fussy thought because they had their four-month check up and each got shots. Caden got his four year old shots too :( Tough morning...let me tell ya. The girl's pediatrician said that they could start solids, so they had sweet potatoes at G-mammas house for the first time. On Sunday, I left the house at midnight and went to meet Jerald at work. I rode with him in his squad car until 5 AM when he got off. Then we came home, took a nap. Got up at 12 and went to my step-dads, mothers house for lunch. It was nice to see my mom and everyone over there. After that we came home and took another long nap. When we woke up around 8, Jerald rushed us out the door for a special dinner at Covino's. It was wonderful, and the kids put hand/foot prints on homeade cards for me. I loved it all! I love all my babies, and they each have a very special and unique place in my heart. I am a very proud mom!