Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Baby and Me"

Today I took the girls to the Allen Public Library for their "Baby and Me" story time. My mom came too! :) She was excited to get away from her school (special ed middle school teacher) to have some baby time. Tina (another PAMOM, mom) came with her boy/girl twins Beckett and Preslee. They are only 2 1/2 weeks older than my girls, but as you can see much much bigger. Anyways...during the story time we sing lullabies, read books, listen to music, and do other baby related interaction stuff. The girls were alert the whole time, and smiled the whole time! I am sad because they won't start it back up again until August, but we can't wait!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Ashley with the girls
Abbie (unhappy) and Maddie (sleeping)

Caden was so excited! :)

Neil and Katie with the girls

Ready for Easter Mom! :)

On Saturday, my dad and I took the girls and Caden to the Easter festival in downtown Plano. We had so much fun down there. There were tons of vendors and stands with activities for children. Some of these things included face painting, magicians, clowns, jump houses, and of course pictures with the Easter bunny. Caden and Madison did great, but Miss Abigail did not like the Easter bunny. I think she got set off wrong because she woke up just as I set her in his arms. So I can only imagine being 3 months old and waking up to a big white rabbit in my face. YIKES! :) Caden had a blast of course, and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. Jerald had to work unfortunately, so he missed out. Then, on Sunday Aunt Katie and Neil came over. They brought the kids some really great Easter baskets. Katie and I were also so happy that Neil held the babies. Might not seem big to you, but if you knew him this was a big step. haha :) Sorry Neil if you read this. After they left, I took the kids over to Caden's dad's parents house. We spent about an hour over there, then Caden went to his dad's for a couple hours. The girls and I went over to my girlfriend, Ashley's house. I felt very welcome and of course, everyone just ooed and awwed over the girls. I wish Jerald would not have had to work all weekend, but it turned out alright in the long run.

Visit with Pa and Dinner with Katie

The group shot

Katie and Neil

Me and Katie

The girls looking adorable :)

Pa and his 3 grand-daughters. He is so proud!

Last Friday, we took the girls to see their Pa. Pa is Jerald's dad, Jerry. We had a lot of fun over there. Pa made Ashlyn two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and she ate every single bite. The girls were wide awake and took some great pictures as you can see. Also, Ashlyn had a great time playing with the kids in Kay's (Jerry's wife) daycare. She keeps a lot of kids and has lots of arts and crafts. As always, Ashlyn thought of her daddy and made him a really cute little plate with glitter, hearts, and cotton balls. I am glad the kids are getting a chance to get to know all the sides of their family. Next weekend we are taking them to Cleburne to meet their Great-grandmother, Brooxie. I spoke with her on the phone this weekeend, and she seems like a really wonderful lady. I can't wait to meet her! :) Jerald is super excited and nervous too because he has not seen her in years. Later that night, my mom watched the kids and Jerald and I went out to dinner with Katie and Neil. Katie is Jerald's sister and Neil is her boyfriend :) We went to this really neat place in McKinney called Delaney's. Neil is good friends with the owner, so we got a little bit of special treatment with some free tee-shirts and appetizer. The food was great, and it was good for Jerald and I to get out and have some adult time. Katie is the best sister-in-law imaginable. We understand where each other are coming from, and over the last year have really grown into good friends.

Other random pictures from March

Caden and Ashlyn on Spring Break

The girls watching TV in their bumbos!

Mommy and Madison

Peek A Boo with Abbie

Caden's Birthday

Jerald, me and the girls :)

Chuck E Cheese came and did a dance with Caden and his friends :)

Caden scheming something...

Caden's Birthday cake

My baby boy turned 4 years old on March 29th! We had a really nice and fun party for him at Chuck E Cheese. All of his family was there (minus the ones in New York) and lots of his little friends too :) Everyone had a blast! It was Spongebob themed. I laughed and joked with everyone that he will probably want a Spongebob party until he is 10. He got so many nice toys, and felt very special and loved on his birthday. Caden is growing up so fast, sometimes I miss my baby :( Happy Birthday Caden! You are so special to this family. You have a personality that is one of a kind and a smile worth a thousand words. You melt my heart each and every day. Mommy loves you!


The girls in their friend, Kaleighs swing

Madison, Abigail, Beckett, Preslee, Kaleigh

I have started going to play dates with some of the moms and their kids from my PAMOM group. Mind you all of these moms have multiples as well, so there tends to be a lot of little ones. It's been nice for me to share stories, problems, and encouragement with other moms that have multiples. Not to mention it gets me out of the house with the girls. We are going tomorrow to the Allen Public Library for "baby n me" story time. I am excited and will get pictures of that posted soon.

New Job

Jerald playing horseshoes....


Ashlyn and Caden

Sheriff with the girls

Jerald got a new job with Fannin County Sheriffs Department. He is a deputy out there. He is super excited to have his dream back of being an officer. It's taking a lot of adjusting to with the long hours, working every other weekend, and being an hour away, but we are adjusting best we can. Thank God the girls sleep all night though :) We went to a fish fry out in the middle of no where with his co-workers, and at first I was thinking to myself "where in the heck am I?" But there was a sand volleyball court and Coors light, so I ended up having a blast. Everything was fun about that until I got nailed in the ankle with a horseshoe! OUCH! I met sheriff of Fannin Country and Jeralds other co-workers and thier families. They all seem to be really nice people! Congrats Jerald...we are so proud of you!