Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Ashley with the girls
Abbie (unhappy) and Maddie (sleeping)

Caden was so excited! :)

Neil and Katie with the girls

Ready for Easter Mom! :)

On Saturday, my dad and I took the girls and Caden to the Easter festival in downtown Plano. We had so much fun down there. There were tons of vendors and stands with activities for children. Some of these things included face painting, magicians, clowns, jump houses, and of course pictures with the Easter bunny. Caden and Madison did great, but Miss Abigail did not like the Easter bunny. I think she got set off wrong because she woke up just as I set her in his arms. So I can only imagine being 3 months old and waking up to a big white rabbit in my face. YIKES! :) Caden had a blast of course, and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. Jerald had to work unfortunately, so he missed out. Then, on Sunday Aunt Katie and Neil came over. They brought the kids some really great Easter baskets. Katie and I were also so happy that Neil held the babies. Might not seem big to you, but if you knew him this was a big step. haha :) Sorry Neil if you read this. After they left, I took the kids over to Caden's dad's parents house. We spent about an hour over there, then Caden went to his dad's for a couple hours. The girls and I went over to my girlfriend, Ashley's house. I felt very welcome and of course, everyone just ooed and awwed over the girls. I wish Jerald would not have had to work all weekend, but it turned out alright in the long run.

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